My Testimony

Born Again by the Spirit of God.

The Journey:

There is a saying that goes like this: time waits for no man, and in a way this is somewhat true, for in this world we all live in time, so therefore we are subject to the effects that time brings to our bodies. As time in our lives passes, it brings many to reflect on their lives and those around them, it brings some to feel joy, and others to a place of loneliness; some are purged and others are not, it’s a paradox but that’s just how things are for so many people.

When I was a young boy we had assembly at a Church of England school, and I loved singing hymns to the Lord, the salvation of Christ was made known to me and I believed upon the Lord.

Now after assembly we would go to our class, and during our class teachings something went wrong!

You see we had a class about evolution and when I confronted the teacher about this, and please do bear in mind that I was only 8-years-old at the time, he smacked me hard with his knuckles on my head, it hurt me and the pain was very real, but things did not end there because the class after the evolution class was…? Yes you guessed it! (religion), so I confronted the teacher and told him that according to the prior class we all evolved from monkeys, and guess what his response to me was? He threw the Bible at my head and yes it hurt me, but not to be discouraged my faith in the Lord remained.

I came from a family of mainly none-believers, my mum had some faith but no one taught me the word of God.

I can honestly say that I have always believed in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and even in my teens I chose to be baptised as a Catholic, and did many events with the church and even went to many other churches reading from the pulpits; you could say that I was in demand by them for projecting my voice in an amplified way and also for my musical input to their churches. They supported my desire to be a pop star and I recorded many songs in recording studios thinking that God was supporting me too

The want to be pop star

The Catholic Church supported me in my quest for fame and fortune!

They wanted me to become a priest

I would often read the Catholic Bible from the pulpit during Mass.

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