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We would like to make the Word of God accessible to all that seek the truth, for faith comes by hearing, and our plan is to outreach to all those around the World.This will be a lifetime project with many Born again Christians contributing with their skills of translation and above all prayer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Excatholics for Christ are a father and son UK Bible-believing ministry, reaching out to Roman Catholics and others the world over, with the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

G. Patrick Battell was a devout and practicing Catholic for over 50 years until he realised the theology and teachings of Roman Catholicism was not found in the Bible. After hearing a New Zealand preacher speak about the end times and an American pastor clearly articulate the Biblical plan of salvation, he left the Catholic church, repented and received Jesus as his own Saviour and Lord. God soon began using Patrick as a distributer of Bible tracts, and even open-air street preaching.

James was also raised and educated in Catholic schools, regularly went to mass and was a semi-professional big band singer at the time of Patrick's conversion. For three years, Patrick prayed for his son and shared the Biblical message of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. One day after much prayer and patience, James repented and received Christ as his own Lord and Saviour. James also left the Catholic church, gave up his world of music, and began his new walk and relationship with Jesus by reaching out to Catholics and others with his father Patrick.

God is graciously blessing this father and son ministry, with people regularly coming to know Jesus.

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Verse by Verse King James Bible Study Videos

Study the Word of God with our video productions.
James Battell takes you verse by verse through the word of God from the King James Bible.
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The Book of Revelation

James' verse-by-verse Bible study of the book of Revelation consists of live Sunday morning recordings, which are also broadcasted on ETC Radio.
Please note that we have made this video production royalty free, so as to allow you to forward and share with family and friends.

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The Broken Key

Join James as he preaches the word of God at the open-air pulpit.

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Cromwell, Freemasonry, King James Bible

Welcome to James walking talking pulpit.

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Christian Prayer Music

Music themes inspired by the word of God from the King James Bible.
Soundtrack: Male and Female created he them.
Music by Martin Andrew Smith.
Copyright © Godsword Media Productions.

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